26 Jan 2023 · 6 min read

Best Crypto to Buy Today 26 January – MEMAG, APT, FGHT, MINA, CCHG

January has been a kind month to the crypto market, with Bitcoin and Ethereum seeing substantial gains while many altcoins continue to bounce hard from 2022 lows. Bitcoin recently rose to a January peak of $23,501 before rebounding slightly to its present value at $23,180 as of writing.

This represents an increase of 0.53% on the day and more than 9.55% over the past week. Ethereum has also seen gains, currently trading at $1,614, up 3.5% for the day and 6.5% for the week.

The industry's two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization have also seen a cumulative trading volume of more than $56 billion in the past 24 hours, surpassing the $53 billion posted by stablecoin Tether. Many in the market are wondering if this is the start of a larger bull run or if another correction is on the horizon.

The overall crypto market capitalization is currently holding steady above $1 trillion after reclaiming the level on January 20. However, it's still ways away from its peak in November 2021 when it reached over $3 trillion.

Traders and investors are advised to implement risk management strategies for capital preservation and keep their expectations in check as the cryptocurrency market isn't completely out of the woods yet.

Five cryptos that look attractive amid this current market condition are MEMAG, APT, FGHT, MINA, and CCHG, which are all potential buys right now based on fundamental and/or technical indicators.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Today

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is bringing some interesting ideas to the Web3 gaming space with its upcoming "Web3 gaming guild" focused on creating a trans-game economy centered around a community-focused metaverse world that ties various mobile games together in different genres.

By combining blockchain technology and a decentralized community, MMG is taking gaming one step further. They're determined to create an engaging environment that encourages both entertainment and connection while solving modern problems gamers come across.

Besides a roster of high-caliber games, the project will also integrate NFTs and crypto rewards. MMG is being created to recognize players for their commitment and dedication in the games that will soon be available, granting them MEMAG cryptocurrency as well as control of several aspects within the game. Through an open-ended economy system, players can swap digital inventory and currency with Gems rewards that can be exchanged into real money or NFT items inside the games.

To kick off the Web3 gaming community, they have developed Meta Kart Racers--a thrilling racing game with two modes: Player vs Player and single-player--that everyone can access on their mobile device.

MMG has more Web3 games up its sleeve already in development as well that are set to be launched into the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency traders have been flocking to take part in MMG's MEMAG token presale launch, resulting in a hefty $1.45 million raised in a matter of weeks.

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Aptos (APT)

Aptos is currently experiencing a strong bullish trend, with the price setting an all-time high of $20.40 earlier in today's trading session. The 20-day and 50-day exponential moving averages (EMAs) are both trading below the current price, indicating that the short and medium-term trend is bullish.

The RSI is also indicating a strong bullish trend, with a reading of 89.61, as is the MACD indicator, with the previous day's MACD histogram being higher than the current day's.

APT is currently supported by the Fibonacci extended level of FIB 1.272 at $17.74, and if it successfully breaches the psychological barrier of $20, its next potential target would be FIB 1.618 at $21.73.

There are several reasons why Aptos is currently experiencing an upward trend. Firstly, the company hosted its first AptosMoveMonday of 2023 on January 9, which roughly coincided with the upward move in the price of $APT. Its co-founders actively answered a number of questions and discussed many upcoming developments during the session.

Additionally, on January 20, Binance announced the opening of two new liquidity pools for Aptos, with $APT/BTC and $APT/USDT. This helped drive the price and trading volume for $APT even further. In addition to these announcements, the increased trading activity and attention Aptos is receiving due to its rally are causing a snowball effect as traders FOMO into the crypto.

Although Aptos could still be a buy, other cryptos such as Fight Out may have more potential upside, as Aptos begins to experience a pullback today.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out, a soon-to-launch gym chain and innovative move-to-earn fitness app built on Web3 technology, plans to bring the community and high-tech solutions to the fitness industry while providing users with exclusive workout programs fit for their individual needs.

Those who persevere in achieving their health goals with the app will be rewarded with REPS tokens–not only boosting motivation but also enabling them to make money as they maintain a healthy lifestyle. The M2E application is being developed by an expert team of professionals prequalified through CoinSniper's rigorous vetting process.

Fight Out is shaking up the fitness industry with their cutting-edge gyms that will be equipped with interactive features like "mirrors" to show off user profiles and utilize sensors for real time guidance on exercises--making going to the gym far more enjoyable. To top it all off, Fight Out has brought in well known athletes such as Amanda Ribas from UFC and Savannah Marshall, a former WBO middleweight champion into its ambassador program.

Fight Out is primed to become a major player in the fitness app and fitness chain industry in the years ahead. Investing now in Fight Out's presale event--with bonuses up to 50% on investments over $50K--is a good chance to get in on the ground floor of the project.

Already more than $3.48 million has been raised, proving this project doesn't lack momentum as its launch approaches. Step into the ring and make your move before stage 2 begins and token prices rise.

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Mina Protocol (MINA)

MINA is an altcoin that has seen a significant price increase in yesterday's candle close, with a 22.36% gain. The Mina Protocol aims to be a lightweight and nimble option for blockchain developers, with a constant size of no more than 22 kB.

The reason for MINA's current price uptrend is not clear, but it appears to be part of a broader market rally and the anticipation of a potential drop in interest rates by the Federal Reserve.

Currently, MINA is trading at $0.671 with a 1.90% decrease in value for the day. It retested the 200-day EMA earlier in today's trading session and it posted an intra-day high of $0.770

Its immediate support is around the support area of $0.581 to $0.603 while its immediate resistance is the area between $0.773 to $0.815 in confluence with the 200-day EMA at $0.76. If the price successfully reclaims this level, the next potential target is the psychological resistance of $1.

With its Real Utility C+Charge (CCHG) is One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Today

C+Charge is looking to drive change in the EV charging market with its groundbreaking peer-to-peer payment system and rewards program utilizing blockchain technology. The platform will reward electric vehicle owners with carbon credit crypto while helping them access charge stations and process payment transactions faster--giving them an easy and secure way to power up their cars.

For electric vehicle owners searching for a dependable and seamless way to find charge stations and monitor and verify their charging sessions, C+Charge will be a great option.

With the presale now underway, this is your opportunity to get C+Charge's sustainable crypto tokens, CCHG, at the introductory rate of $0.013 USDT per token before they are priced up in three stages and reach their final cost of $0.02350.

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