26 Jan 2023 · 4 min read

Meta Masters Guild Presale Surges Past $1.4 Million – Limited Time to Invest at Early Bird Prices

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is an upcoming Web3 gaming guild and game ecosystem that combines blockchain and Web3 technologies to provide an innovative and engaging environment for players. The game's token is currently gaining traction in its presale, already raising over $1.45 million in a matter of weeks.

It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses its own ERC-20 token, the MEMAG cryptocurrency. Gamers in the MMG ecosystem can earn rewards in the form of in-game currencies and NFTs by participating in guild activities.

The platform's games all incorporate the $MEMAG token, which has a direct exchange rate with Gems: the in-game rewards currency. Gems are not crypto but rather can be swapped into $MEMAG; this distinction enables both iOS and Android versions of these titles to gain approval from Apple and Google app stores.

The mission of Meta Masters Guild is to create a unique decentralized Web3 gaming experience where players are not just consumers but also active participants with agency over their virtual assets, which they trade, collect, and gain advantages with.

The company aims to make games more enjoyable through game mechanics that reward player efforts rather than mindless grinding with little reward.

They are also committed to facilitating skilled players to compete at the top levels, and will support official esports teams and content creators covering their titles.

MMG is continually launching community giveaways and will create events that reward skill and commitment from their members. Members can also participate in tournaments, leagues, leaderboards, and other competitions to gain experience and tokens that are redeemable for real-world prizes.

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Why MMG is Needed in Web3 Gaming

The gaming industry is currently dominated by large predatory corporations with limited opportunities for independent game developers and players to benefit from their work. The current model relies heavily on grinding or microtransactions to generate revenue, while gamers are left with little say in the development and direction of games they enjoy playing.

Meta Masters Guild looks to challenge this status quo through a decentralized platform that rewards players for their efforts, encourages creativity, and allows smaller studios to more easily monetize their products to compete.

Through MMG, players will also have unprecedented agency over their virtual assets in order to truly reap the rewards of gaming without any restrictions or limitations set by big companies. The goal is for Meta Masters Guild to be an environment where everyone can come together and create a more equitable and engaging gaming experience.

Meta Masters Guild Web3 Gaming Principles

MMG has outlined four core principles that form the backbone of their ecosystem: Fun First, Ownership, Communities Make Games, and Play and Earn.

  1. Fun Comes First: This is an important principle at MMG, as they strive to ensure the fun and engaging Web3 gaming experience of their players is not overshadowed by the blockchain integration, tokenization, and earning mechanisms that are integrated into their games. Sustainability is also a big focus – they want to make sure their player base remains steady while providing them with enjoyable content.
  2. You REALLY own it: All in-game assets within MMG’s ecosystem are owned, verifiable, and tradable on the Ethereum blockchain. This helps decentralize the system and increases incentives for buying these assets, as players know that what they obtain will genuinely be theirs forever.
  3. Communities Make Games: Multiplayer games are nothing without their community, and MMG is committed to engaging players in the decision-making processes of their games and getting feedback to continually improve the titles, while also encouraging other developers to do so. Through events, competitions, and giveaways, they will also reward loyalty and skill from their members.
  4. Play AND Earn: Rather than play to earn gaming (P2E), MMG believes in play AND earn (P&E). While players can still earn money through playing their games, they want a player base that values the gameplay first and foremost – providing them with a genuine enjoyable experience rather than solely one focused on earning tokens or currency. 

    This focus on earning money and speculation has been the downfall of the P2E space, with titles like Axie Infinity falling out of favor rapidly and their tokens plummeting in value.

MMG's First Web3 Gaming Titles

Currently, MMG has a few titles under its belt that are either in the concept or early development stage:

Meta Kart Racers is a kart racing game that puts emphasis on skillful driving and competitive gameplay. Players will compete against one another in tournaments and leagues to earn tokens that they can use to purchase upgrades for their vehicles or rare in-game items.

Raid NFT is an online battle arena where teams of players face off against one another using various classes of characters as they strive to be the last team standing while trying to collect tokens and rare in-game items.

Meta Masters World is a virtual world metaverse where players can explore various activities and content, as well as exchange any of their NFTs with one another in the marketplace. Every in-game item will be an NFT, and the company envisions a bustling marketplace in the virtual world where players can freely exchange any of their items with one another.

With all of these projects and initiatives, MMG looks poised to become the premier platform for competitive Web3 gaming. The team’s dedication to providing a genuinely enjoyable experience while still rewarding players for their efforts should make them stand out among the many blockchain gaming projects on the market today. 

Players can look forward to an entirely new era of competitive gaming where they will have unprecedented agency over their virtual assets and truly reap the rewards of their efforts.

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